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Are you tired of your current hairstyle but hesitant about making a permanent change? Our Human Hair Extensions offer the perfect solution. They provide a temporary makeover that allows you to experiment with different looks without the commitment of a haircut.


Hair extensions are a popular choice for those looking to add length, volume, or colour to their hair. They are versatile, natural-looking, and, when done right, can seamlessly blend with your own hair. With Kieran's expertise, you can trust that your hair will be in good hands.


Our keratin bond extensions blend seamlessly with your natural hair and can even be tied up in a high ponytail. No one will be able to tell the difference. Get in touch today.

KIERAN O’GORMAN Wigs Specialist

Human Hair Extensions

Our hair extension technicians are the best in Kilkenny, and you will leave our salon feeling like a superstar.

Quality Assurance: 

We only uses the highest quality human hair for extensions. This ensures that your new hair not only looks natural but also feels incredibly soft and luxurious.


We tailor each set of extensions to match your unique hair colour, texture, and style, ensuring a seamless and natural look.

Expert Application: 

With years of experience, our hair extension technicians have mastered the art of applying hair extensions. You can expect a flawless, comfortable, and secure attachment.


Our techniques are designed to minimise damage to your natural hair. You can enjoy your new look without worrying about long-term effects.

Precise application for a seamless look. Get in touch to book your consultation for our keratin bond hair extenisions now on

Before & After Hair Extensions

How Human Hair Extensions Are Applied


Your journey begins with a consultation with our hair extension technicians. During this session, you'll discuss your desired look and get a personalised plan.


The extensions are carefully applied, strand by strand, ensuring a natural appearance and comfortable wear.



We will help you choose the perfect extensions to achieve your goals, whether it's length, volume, or a style makeover. We use the highest-quality keratin bond extensions as they are the best extension type for blending in with all natural hair types and textures, and will guarantee a seamless and flawless finish.


We are the experts at blending the extensions with your natural hair, making it virtually impossible to tell the difference.

Once the extensions are in place, you can style your hair as desired, just as you would with your natural hair.

Thicker, longer, more luxurious hair. Get in touch to arrange your consultation with our expert hair extension technicians today on

Hair Extension FAQs

How long do Human Hair Extensions last?

Extensions from can last up to six months with proper care and maintenance. Regular touch-ups are recommended.

Can I style my synthetic hair Can I style my hair as usual with extensions?toupee with heat tools?

Absolutely! You can style, curl, and straighten your hair just like you normally would.

Do extensions damage my natural hair?

Our application techniques are designed to minimize damage. When properly cared for and maintained, they won't harm your natural hair.

How do I maintain my extensions?

We will provide detailed care instructions to ensure your extensions stay looking beautiful. Proper brushing and use of recommended products are key.

Can I change the colour of my extensions?

Yes, you can colour your extensions, but it's advisable to consult with us for professional advice to avoid any damage.

Are extensions suitable for all hair types?

We offer extensions suitable for various hair types and textures. A consultation will help determine the best option for you.

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