Kieran O’Gorman, Hair | Beauty | Day Spa

Step through the door of Kieran O’Gorman Hair, Beauty & Day Spa in Kilkenny city and enter an ultra-modern yet welcoming haven where every hair and beauty treatment you could wish for awaits you. We offer a ‘one stop shop’ for head-to-toe pampering. Enjoy a vast range of both holistic and Thalgo treatments in our Day Spa before proceeding to have your hair styled by one of our talented stylists as one of our nail technicians gives you a manicure. Then, why not have your make-up applied before stepping out to face the world, renewed and refreshed.

We believe that the customer experience starts from the moment you enter the salon. That is why we provide luxurious armchairs at each basin, which massage as your hair is washed before you are ushered to your styling station.

Then the work of your stylist starts. Under Kieran O’Gorman, the team of stylists are modern –day sculptors who use scissors to create a beautiful work which is your own personal hairstyle. Manicures can be arranged simultaneously with your hair styling. Call us to recommend one of our many talented stylists.

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We have an extensive range of high quality wigs and the product knowledge to help you choose the perfect wig for you. Whether you want to match your natural hair colour or would prefer something completely different we can help you achieve the look you want. Click here to see our gallery.